Inspire others to build exercise into their daily routines



We inspire others to build exercise into their daily routines by:

Inspire Chch Marathon 2023
  1. Lead by example: We continue to include exercise in our daily routine and demonstrate its positive effects.

  2. Share our stories: We share our own journey and experiences and how it has positively impacted our physical and mental wellbeing.

  3. Supporting others: We are a source of support and encouragement for others who want to begin to exercise or who are struggling to fit exercise into their life.

  4. Setting realistic goals: We assist others to set achievable exercise goals by breaking down long term BHAGs* into smaller milestones that are more manageable and can be ticked off.

  5. Celebrating milestones & wins: We recognise and celebrate the achievements of others who reach or exceed their exercise milestones. All efforts will be acknowledged whether 'successful' or not.

*Big Hairy Audacious (or Ass) Goals