Fun running event

We will ....


Organise fun events that encourage people of all abilities to exercise

Man on icewall

We will always ....


Highlight and work to reduce the roadblocks to exercise that modern society puts in place

Men hanging across precipice

We already ....


Collaborate with community groups, local and central government to provide safe, easily accessible and appropriate foot and cycle access to open areas and connections

Back wheel of mountain bike

We will continue to ....


Advocate for pedestrian, cycling and other non-motorised transport options

Family running along beach in sun

We will ....


Inspire others to build exercise into their daily routines

Man on mountain arms outstretched

It is our duty to ....


Educate all, but particularly young people, engaging them in regular exercise to reduce risks of physical and mental health issues, support motor skills and coordination and support social interaction

“ don't know how truly strong you are until strong is your only option.”

Mike Allsop