What pace do you run?
Really it’s up to you how fast we run or whether we walk at times or not. We prefer the run to be at a conversational pace but it’s entirely up to you; if you want a training run at a particular pace that’s fine too, just let us know when you sign up.
 Note that when we are in a group the pace will be set by the slowest runner although we can send faster runners ahead at times.

What if there are no tours available?
If a day is blank on our Booking Calendar, then it means tours are unavailable, however if you are really keen to run on a particular date please contact us by email or phone at least three days before - we may be able to arrange something.

What if it rains?
Auckland is a temperate marine climate that gets a good measure of rain throughout the year, although less in the summer months. We do run in the rain but will not run in conditions that may be dangerous, however this is at our discretion. If we need to cancel a run, attempts will be made to reschedule. See our Terms & Conditions for more complete information about cancellation and refunds.

Can I pay cash on the day?
No all tours must be paid for in full either via an online booking on this Website or via one of our booking agents.

Do I need to bring water?
We recommend you bring your own water although there is normally drinking water available around the central Auckland area. We provide guidelines for every run, so please check those guidelines for the run(s) you are interested in.

Can the guide store things for me?
The tour starting points are in public places and as such YeahWeRun is unable to provide any secure storage areas.  Participants are advised to bring only essential items and are responsible for any items they bring.   It may be possible to store small items in your guide’s back pack but participants do so at their own risk of loss, theft or damage.  YeahWeRun are not liable for any loss, theft or damage caused to a participant’s belongings before, during or after a tour.

What else do I need?
Again guidelines are shown against each run. One thing we like to make special note of is the requirement for sunscreen on most runs even if we start quite early – in New Zealand (& Australia) the UV tends to be a lot stronger and you can get burnt easier than in most northern hemisphere countries.