About Us

YeahWeRun was born out of my passion for running and to provide a fun way for visitors to New Zealand to enjoy the environment, have a laugh and learn about what makes Kiwis tick.

My name is Alex and I guess I’ve been running from an early age, however my early running was for fitness for sports I was playing at the time. It wasn’t until I got really old that I really developed a passion for running. It came about because I trained for and completed an ocean swim - sort of weird huh? I won’t explain here but ask me when you run with me :-)

I was introduced to trail (off-road) running and got hooked on the simplicity, the connection with nature and people who do it. It has become my meditation, my fitness regime and an important social network for me. In New Zealand there’s a trail not too far away from anywhere and I’ve run quite a few around the country and plan to run a whole lot more.

I now feel I can call myself an ultramarathoner having completed 13 official off-road ultras as at March 2021 (plus one DNF but we won't talk about that). As well I regularly test myself by running road half marathons and I finally cracked 1:30 in early June 2017. Yay! I got quite obsessional about that I can tell you!

Chch Half 1:30 baby

Of course not everyone is able to, or wants to run off-road and most of us spend a lot of time running in urban environments. It’s the sheer convenience of being able to slip on a pair of shoes and go for a ‘cruise’ that makes running such a great activity. Humans were ‘born to run’ and I think that gets overlooked - most people should be able to perform this most basic of all motions. And jeez it’s freakin’ good for you!

We also have a strong environmental responsibility focus as part of our ethos. This means we structure our runs a certain way. Read about it here.

And if you don’t enjoy your running tour with us we'll give your money back!

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